Let’s get Hygge with Sennheiser

It’s getting hyggelig!

Hygge – the Danish word for feeling cozy, homely and relaxed is spreading from its Scandanavian origins to become universally synonymous with wellbeing and happiness. This quaint concept assumes various forms: Taking a bath and enjoying the silence is hyggelig, as is spending an evening or taking a trip with friends. At the beginning of the new year, when Christmas is behind us and the warm promise of spring is still a few cold and grey months away, we could all use some hygge. But how does it work? How do we create the delightfully cozy feeling as the Danish do? Here are five tips for those dark winter days when we most crave those creature comforts.

1 – Start your day hygge

Start your day hygge   Dragging ourselves out of bed on a cold dark morning is hard enough as it is, but facing the prospect of a long day’s work is enough to make anyone snuggle back under the duvet for “just five more minutes”.

How fortunate then that there is this small bakery just around the corner. The very thought of the sweet aroma of fresh buns, croissants and coffee is surely enough to wake us from our slumber and prepare us for the day ahead. What could be more hyggelig than a relaxed, tranquil breakfast at home before starting our hectic day?

2 – Hygge together

Hygge together


The desire to venture outdoors gets less appealing as the world outside becomes increasingly dark and cold. Sometimes a soft blanket and a good movie are all we want. However, after the third movie night in a row, that cozy feeling gives way to boredom.

So why not call some friends and have them over for a spontaneous dinner? Simply divide the shopping list, put your favourite record on, open a bottle of wine and enjoy a lovely evening together. The Danish cannot emphasize enough the importance of close friends and the hygge you feel in good company.

3 – Hygge on the road

Reading a book by the fire, wearing woolen socks, with a cat purring on your blanket – hygge is often about being in your home environment. But even on the road it’s possible to create small comforts:

How about engrossing yourself in an audiobook that you loved in your childhood? Or reading – for example “Hygge” by Danish author Meik Wiking? Shut out the world and fully immerse yourself in this experience with a pair of noise cancelling headphones, like the MOMENTUM Wireless from Sennheiser. Just when you’re feeling completely comfortable, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the barren winter scenery. Your journey could go on and on.

4 – Flea market stories

Certain things in life can tell their own story. Apple pie for example is one of these things, especially when it is homemade. Sometimes eating the pie lets you think of the past, of your parents’ kitchen and the smell of fresh dough. It’s not only apple pie that can tell its own story – perhaps an old vase that has been in the family for years or maybe your favourite coffee mug – all these things that can spark up nostalgia or evoke coziness. Try looking for these special items at your local flea market. You’ll be sure to find a stand with hot chocolate, the perfect comfort drink to enjoy while strolling around the market in your winter jacket, taking in the hidden treasures that can make your home even more hygge.


5 – The small things

The small things

At first glance it sounds as if you need a lot to feel hygge. Leisure time and the motivation to cook those great dishes. Money to buy all those accessories that lighten up your everyday life. But that’s not what the Danish recipe for happiness is all about. Your life doesn’t have to look like a perfectly curated Instagram feed. Let’s enjoy the small things in life and make ourselves comfortable without great expense or effort. This may include indulging ourselves in a moment of quiet, reading a good book, listening to our favorite music, drinking the best tea in the world, or just closing our eyes and enjoying the silence. It can all be so simple. 

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