The iTrack One Pre, Record just about Anywhere!

The truth is as an artist you really never do know when the creative bug is going to bite and that can sometimes be very frustrating especially when you have your guitar at arm’s length but nothing to drop your track on… up until just recently there have been a plethora of ways for you “Capture your sound” on the go but in all honesty they have all been pretty much as good as propping your smartphone up in front of your instrument and singing your heart out in the hope that you will at least remember what it is you had in mind when inspiration hit, not anymore…    

Enter the iTrack One Pre (That’s right, sorry Android users, this is strictly an “i” product for now at least) the good news it though that, with phantom power and a combi jack this is as close as you are going to come to lugging a vintage Focusrite console with you wherever you go with the main difference being you can fit this one in your pocket… Let’s Break it down, shall we?

Focusrite iTrack One Pre, Record on the go

Record Without Limitations.

Capture high-resolution audio from a mic or guitar directly onto your iPhone or iPad, wherever and whenever you want.

Phantom Power from your iPhone

This is the real selling point in my humble opinion. You see, to date there has never been a truly “mobile” solution enabling you to record a professional condenser microphone straight into your iPhone or iPad without needing any external power, enter the iTrack One, making it even easier to record on the go than ever before.

Officially for iPad and iPhone.

Officially Apple MFi certified on all iOS devices up to the iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Pro, so you know it will work perfectly with your iOS devices and apps. (Click Here for a full list of compatible devices) Side note, am I the only person on earth who isn’t controlled by the “Big Apple” corporation? Show some love to us Android users, please… 

Famous Sound Quality.

For the first time since the dawn of man, using only your phone as a device to capture the source (in conjunction with the iTrack One of course) this really is what it is! Connect your mic to a class-leading Focusrite preamp and experience world-famous sound quality right then and there on your iOS.

Capture Your True Tone

Share your music with friends, release it to the world or listen back to improve your playing and singing.

Set and forget

Compact and lightweight, you can literally fit this piece of engineering genius into just about anything, I mean for real this miniBeast is incredibly compact for what it is able to do. With a micro-suction base to stick it on any flat surface, iTrack One Pre will stay put anywhere while you lay down your tracks. I know right, it sounds like an infomercial “That’s right John, it really is that easy, just Set and Forget”

Very Easy to Use.

You don’t need to learn anything new. Connect a mic, guitar or any other instrument to Garageband, Auria, Cubasis or any one of your favourite music making apps and you are good to go.

Set Up In Seconds.

Focusrite has really gone to great lengths here to put truth to the phrase “Plug n’ Play”. Plug straight in and use the illuminated gain halo to quickly find the perfect recording level. Green good, Red Bad as I try my best to channel my inner monster voice, you know, for recording purposes. But it’s that simple, make sure you stay in the green and you are free of any clipping as the gain halo will quickly depict the rapid onset of a digital audio disaster. So keep it clean, stay in the green.

Focusrite iTrack One Pre, Record on the go

  1. This light indicates that your iTrack One Pre is receiving power and ready to use.
  2. Control the gain of your guitar or microphone. The indicators stay green when you have a good level, and turn red if you get too loud.
  3. When phantom power is turned on, this lights up green to let you know that your microphone is receiving full 48V phantom power. If it goes red, you may want to connect your Micro-USB power supply.
  4. Turn this on to provide phantom power to a condenser microphone. If you are using a dynamic microphone, you can leave this turned off.
  5. Combi XLR/jack input for connecting either your microphone or guitar. The input type will switch automatically depending on which type of cable you connect.
  6. Control the gain of your guitar or microphone. The indicators stay green when you have a good level, and turn red if you get too loud.
  7. See point number 3. If the phantom power light goes red, you may want to connect your Micro-USB power supply here.
  8. Use this to connect your iTrack One Pre to your iPad or iPhone.

The bottom line here is, if you are an apple user, it really is a great time to be alive get yours now. For the rest of us, keep an eye open for updates that may very well let the rest of the world in as well, it really is THAT GOOD! Till next time.

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