The Line 6 Variax Standard, Your Swiss Army Guitar

The Line 6 Variax Standard, Your Swiss Army Guitar

Meet your new Guitar, as I am sure by the end of this blog you will no doubt be seriously considering selling a kidney or some other obscure body part to own one, Trust me! (PSA, I'm not a Doctor so Please don't take any Medical advice from me) but when it comes to gear take it from a long time sufferer of Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I will show you the way...  

Forget everything you know about the conventional guitar and break all the “rules” with this masterpiece.

Have you ever wanted to do a cover of one of your favorite metal bands but like most of us simply figured it is way too much trouble to Tune your guitar down to Drop Z or whatever the kids are playing their guitars in today because you know that the next song you are most likely to play is something dear I say “Normal” in something like standard tuning or even something as simple as Drop D.

There are a few ways to go about this

  1. Have more than one guitar all tuned in different tunings for different tunes, and don’t get me wrong If I had the money that would be the first thing I do. Let's see, what is on my personal list… a Gibson Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster maybe even a Telecaster, an 80’s style dive bomber with a lockable Floyd rose system probably a Krammer or something of that sort. Then I would like a beautiful sounding acoustic guitar and as you know these don’t come cheap either. I’d love to add a Gibson ES-335 or Maybe a semi-hollow body PRS or something of that nature and then finally a classic Rockabilly machine like a Gretsch Electromatic or even a Gibson Memphis ES-175 not to mention all the amps and microphones you would need to get those historical tones out of the aforementioned classics but let's be honest, now we are talking more in the lines of the price of an exotic car or a nice house even… give or take a few hundred thousand.
  2. You would have to be struck by lightning and first of all somehow survive and then miraculously get a super power that makes you faster than Flash Gordon himself in order to pick up, tune and play all these guitars in one song LIVE!
  3. Or you could just go ahead and buy the Line 6 Variax Standard which believe it or not, does all of this and then some and you can do it all in a live environment with one stomp of the Line 6 Helix with “Snapshot” capability but more on this in a later blog.

And that, in a nutshell, is why I like to refer to this monster as the Swiss Army Guitar. 

Line 6 Variax Standard Dials up close


Unlike anything else in its class, Line 6 and Yamaha joined forces to introduce the Variax® Standard—a player-friendly guitar that delivers more tone and versatility than any other instrument in its price range. Instantly access a collection of vintage electrics, classic acoustics and more. Access alternate tunings on the fly. Create any guitar imaginable with Variax Workbench™ HD software. Whether you’re recording in the studio or loading up the trusty tour van, Variax Standard will redefine what you expect from your guitar.

Take a Listen with your eyes:


You’ll never want to put it down.

Thanks to the remarkable craftsmen at Yamaha, Variax Standard delivers the rock-solid build you’d expect from a high-quality guitar. The lightweight alder S-type body, one-piece maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, and proprietary tremolo bridge deliver total comfort and playability, while the custom-wound pickups serve up loads of sonically rich tone. Add in our proprietary Variax HD technology, and you get a guitar that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

And Yes it is an Acoustic Guitar as well...


Classic mojo. Modern innovation.

Everyone knows that a vintage Strat® has amazing tone. But for many of us, owning one is a dream rather than reality. Variax Standard delivers a rich, bold sound based on* a priceless ‘50s Strat®, minus the hum and buzz that can plague older instruments. Plus you’re not limited to the sound of just one instrument—you can access dozens of classic guitars and pickup types to find your ideal tone. With Variax HD technology, you get an instrument that combines legendary guitar tone with pure versatility, playability and innovation—all for a price that’s within reach.

Variax Standard goes beyond what any other guitar can do.


Pickin’ up good vibrations.

Want to take a break from guitar modeling and go old school for a bit? Variax Standard comes with three custom-wound single-coil Alnico V magnetic pickups that capture every nuance of your playing with pristine accuracy. And if you want to go even further, you can also access over a dozen classic pickup types thanks to Variax HD technology.


Ready to rock. Out of the box.

No need to spend extra time and money upgrading your guitar—Variax Standard comes with high-quality components that set it apart from other guitars in its class. A lightweight alder body delivers clear, full-bodied sound with plenty of sustain. And the lubricated Graph Tech nut provides precise tuning stability to help you stay in tune as you bend strings.

I told you, you want one right? Go right ahead, spoil yourself and buy your Line 6 Variax Standard today.

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