The Mighty Korg Kronos v2

The Kronos V2 is not only a gamer changer, but it recreates the game at a higher sphere. It is easier and more user friendly than which eliminate the myth that Korg workstations are complicated. The looks of the new Kronos v2 are not the only upgrades from its predecessors, the hardware and software have been upgraded also. 

The Korg Kronos Touch Screen

These are the Upgrades in detail

  1. String Resonance has been added to all SGX-2 Piano Patches which makes them sound realist and authentic.
  2. Browsing sound is easier because of the Quick Search feature which has been added.
  3. Speaking of browsing sounds, the Kronos v2 comes with the new Berlin Grand Piano that has a huge sense of depth from its resonance
  4. A great collection sound patches have been added to the Kronos v2 like EXs18 and KRS-07 which you would have to pay 3k to have them on the previous Kronos versions.
  5. The interface has been upgraded to support dragging and swiping to make sound editing as easy as breathing.
  6. You no longer need to exit the Combi mode in order to edit a patch because the Kronos v2 allows you to edit patches in Combi mode.

The are many awesome advantages of owning a Korg Kronos over the other popular work station in the market, for example: The Kronos v2 comes with a 62 Gig SSD drive which has 21 Gigs of Preset waveform data covering a huge variety of genres, and that leaves you with an enormous amount of free space for sampling or adding other Kronos expansion sound libraries without spending loads of cash for the extra expansion board to have more space like other brands.

The Korg Kronos Range

Beyond all the well know features and Specification of the Kronos v2, and the world of additional libraries from Korg and other 3rd party agents, the Kronos v2 is a workstation that will allow you to reach new frontiers in your creativity and will keep you light years ahead of the game  because of its flexibility and technological advancement. Forget about that old dust covered workstation you have been struggling with for far too long now and get the sound in your head into your performace today. Upgrade to the The Korg Kronos V2 today.

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