What is B/Demo-Stock?

A big misconception regarding the purchasing of “B-stock” equipment, is that it’s somehow faulty. This is simply not true. In fact:

  • B-Stock gear is in perfect working order and has met the same standards as new gear but could have some slight cosmetic wear.
  • A B-Stock unit could have only needed a small repair, or it was a perfect working unit that needed to be repackaged for shipping.

It may not have that “new gear smell” anymore, but it will work as well as any new piece of gear. So why buy “B-stock” gear? Without question the B-Stock is the most affordable way to get your hands on certified equipment from MiTech Direct.

At MiTech Direct, “Demo” usually means one of the following:

  • It spent some time on display in our store and it shows.
  • It was used in a sales training presentation.
  • It was returned by another customer who tried it out for a few days.

Every demo item we sell is certified to be in perfect working order and backed by the full manufacturer’s warranty. Demos are thoroughly inspected by our Factory-Authorized technicians, and you will find their detailed condition notes on the product page. If you have any questions, please call us on 087 551 0123

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