Blackstar HTSTUDIO20 Valve Combo Amplifier

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20-watt 2-channel All-tube 1×12″ Guitar Combo Amplifier with Infinite Shape Feature, Speaker-emulated Output, and Digital Reverb

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Blackstar HT Studio 20 – 20-watt 1×12″ Tube Combo

You Can Coax Any Tone Imaginable From This Amp!

Fire up the Blackstar HT Studio 20 and enjoy two distinctive continents of tone in one studio-ready guitar combo amplifier. equipped with a pair of ECC83s and a pair of EL34s to push 20 watts through a single Celestion speaker, the HT Studio 20 combo sports an impressive range of character. Coax sparkling highs and lucid lows from the HT Studio 20’s boutique-style clean channel. Kick in the overdrive channel and dial in everything from extremely American-sounding to extremely British-sounding high-gain tones, thanks to Blackstar’s patent-pending Infinite Shape Feature (ISF). Whether you want to chime, roar, or scream, the Blackstar HT Studio 20 guitar combo amplifier can achieve the tone you’re aiming for.

Infinite Shape Feature dials your drive from American to British tone

The Blackstar HT Studio 20 is loaded with a massive spread of tube tone, by virtue of Blackstar’s Infinite Shape Feature (ISF). This innovative feature shifts the EQ curves of the amplifier’s Bass, Middle, and Treble controls. When rotated fully counterclockwise, you’ll lend an American characteristic to your voice, with a tight bottom end and aggressive middle. Turned all the way to the right, you’ll experience a more of a British vibe, with a woodier sound that’s less aggressive. However you dial in the HT Studio 20 between the two, you’ll enjoy a musical response that just asks to be taken onstage or into the studio.

Speaker-emulated output gives you the freedom to rock out without a cabinet

With outputs for 8-ohm and 16-ohm cabinets, what else could you ask from your Blackstar HT Studio 20? How about a direct output for recording or running straight to a PA? That’s just what you get from the HT Studio 20’s speaker-emulated output. Not only does this output give you the dimensional sound of a miked up cab, but it also loads your amp properly for silent practice.

Add dimension to your playing with digital reverb

The Blackstar HT Studio 20 is filled with a solid-sounding digital reverb. Turn it fully counterclockwise, and the reverb is deactivated, leaving room for external effects. Turn it fully clockwise, and enjoy a lush ambience that adds dimension to your playing without washing it out. An effects loop makes integrating the HT Studio 20 with your pedalboard and other effects a piece of cake.

Blackstar HT Studio 20 – 20-watt 1×12″ Tube Combo Features at a Glance

  • 20-watt all-tube 1×12″ guitar combo amplifier
  • 12″ Celestion speaker delivers classic punch, warmth, and midrange
  • 2 footswitchable channels that boast an impressive range of character
  • Coax sparkling highs and lucid lows from the boutique-style clean channel
  • Overdrive channel supplies enough gain for blues, classic rock, and hard rock
  • Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) dials in everything from American to British high-gain tones
  • Speaker-emulated output for recording or running straight to a PA
  • Add ambience to your playing with onboard digital reverb
  • Effects loop makes integrating your pedalboard and other effects easy
  • 1-way footswitch included


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