dB Technologies 2-way Active Speaker with 8inwoofer 2inVC 400W/RMS

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2-way Active Speaker with 8in Woofer 2in VC 400W/RMS

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dB Technologies DVX D8 HP Active Speaker

2-way Active Speaker with 8in Woofer 2in VC 400W/RMS

The DVX D8 HP is a powerful active 8″/1″ 2-way speaker cabinet designed to render speech and background and other music. Loaded with a high-quality 8″ woofer and a 1″ compression driver with a rotatable CD horn, it is a very articulate with great speech intelligibility and excellent audio properties. Equipped with an integrated digiproG2 digital power amp, this powered enclosure offers the compact dimensions and light weight that to date have been the domain of high-end passive loudspeakers. The housing’s multifunctional design incorporates a slanted panel for monitoring, rigging points, and even a special monitor setup controlled by the onboard DSP, which also acts as a controller, providing active equalizer, x-over, limiter, and phase and time alignment functions. Combining the DVX D8 HP with a DVA series S08 ore S09 subwoofer creates premium quality satellite systems.

Digipro® G2

System of digital amplification engineered by dBTechnologies. Based on the previous Digipro project, the newest G2 versions’ efficiency has been improved by cutting down on consumption and heating. The introduction of a ‘new avant-garde’ component, a better s/n relation and a lighter weight, confer a superior dynamism to the new Digipro G2 digital speakers.

DSP: Digital Sound Processor

These models come with a powerful DSP. Serving as an active crossover and controller, it splits and limits the signal and aligns phases and delay times. Best of all, it even enables dBTechnologies’ engineers to fine-tune the enclosures for the most balanced response. It is this perfect balance that ensures your signals – speech, playback tracks, and live music – are sent accurately in every detail. That makes a dBTechnlogies product a real all-rounder for every sound reinforcement challenge

Multifunctional Housing

A multifunctional housing offers many placement options, for instance as a floor monitor, satellite speaker in combination with subwoofers or as a fullrange system on pole mounts.

Preset System

The opportunity of modifying the character and equalization of a speaker is a very important prerogative in adapting a speaker to multiple functions. The introduction of the Preset System in dBTechnologies’ FM monitors enables to choose directly from the box the most adeguate equalization for the desired use, optimizing performances without the need of external processors. The management of phase, limiter and x-over will be modified automatically depending on the chosen set-up, preserving the internal acoustic equipment.

Rotatable Horn

Specially designed, rotatable high-frequency horns provide very clean and constant directivity. By rotating the horn, the directivity of high frequencies can be adjusted, depending on the cabinet being assembled horizontally or vertically. A great and professional feature for fixed installation purposes or when a multifunctional speaker is used as stage monitor.

dB Technologies DVX D8 HP Active Speaker at a Glance

  • Digipro® G2
  • DSP: Digital Sound Processor
  • Preset System
  • Rotatable Horn


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