dB Technologies LVX 10 10in 2-Way Active Speakers 400W Black

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10″ 400W Active Speaker with 1″ Tweeter, Rotatable CD Horn, Class D Digital Amplifier

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dB Technologies LVX 10

An Answer To All Fixed Installations And Live Music Requirements

LVX active loudspeakers series is the answer to all those fixed installations and live music requirements where sound reinforcement systems must be lightweight, stylish, portable, powerful. As a result of the experience in touring gear designing, the new LVX series offers smart solutions with a special attention to the needs of fixed and portable installations.

Designed For Any Audio Content

The voicing of these speakers is very linear and designed for any audio content, such as speech, background or live music, multimedia contents, etc., respecting their characteristics and dynamic response, and with a high level of performance.  The dispersion of the constant directivity horn is symmetric and rotatable in order to keep the same coverage in case of horizontal use. This is particularly valued even in case of use as a stage monitor, configuration possible thanks to the rear angle of 45° The digital amplifiers (DIGIPRO® series) are totally silent due to the low thermal dissipation and controls audio crossover, frequency response, and acoustic alignment and 2 different preset EQ.

Elegant And Refined

The enclosure is made of robust 12mm plywood with a look very elegant and refined. LVX 10 provided with a single top handle to ease transport. A D36mm pole mount cup on the bottom allows all LVX speakers to be placed on poles or tripods. Two types of wall-mounting brackets are available: one for vertical installation, especially studied for live applications or truss mounting, with variable pan-tilt options (a pole mount cup is included as a stand adapter). The second for horizontal permanent installations, where you can easily change tilt position. All models and related accessories are available in black or withe finshes. The white installation version of all the four models comes without the pole mount cup and the handles, providing a very transparent look.

Digipack™ More Power

More power to your power amp — from a world leader in technology, dBTechnologies leads the way in the field of digital amplification. Our fully integrated digipack™ modules were developed specifically for use in very compact and active systems, based on the innovative technology designed for our digipro® power amps and used in our high-end DVA and DVX series products, which set new standards of performance in such a compact package. The digipack™ power amp modules are rated more than 90% efficient, as only digital amplification can be. That means that they have no need for built-in fans and are extremely reliable and stable while operating. Moreover, digipack™’s components are protected by our tried and tested built-in limiters, and our carefully designed circuitry ensures that the output remains even and transparent — the most important qualities for maximum listening pleasure — even in noisy environments.

Digital Sound Processor

These models come with a powerful DSP. Serving as an active crossover and controller, it splits and limits the signal and aligns phases and delay times. Best of all, it even enables dBTechnologies’ engineers to fine-tune the enclosures for the most balanced response. It is this perfect balance that ensures your signals – speech, playback tracks, and live music – are sent accurately in every detail. That makes a dBTechnlogies product a real all-rounder for every sound reinforcement challenge.

Preset System

The opportunity of modifying the character and equalization of a speaker is a very important prerogative in adapting a speaker to multiple functions. The introduction of the Preset System in dBTechnologies’ FM monitors enables to choose directly from the box the most adeguate equalization for the desired use, optimizing performances without the need of external processors. The management of phase, limiter and x-over will be modified automatically depending on the chosen set-up, preserving the internal acoustic equipment.

Rotatable High-frequency Horns

Specially designed, rotatable high-frequency horns provide very clean and constant directivity. By rotating the horn, the directivity of high frequencies can be adjusted, depending on the cabinet being assembled horizontally or vertically. A great and professional feature for fixed installation purposes or when a multifunctional speaker is used as stage monitor.

dB Technologies LVX 10 Features at a Glance:

  • 2-Way Active Speaker
  • 10″ Speaker with 1″ Tweeter
  • Rotatable CD Horn
  • Class D Digital Amplifier
  • Fully Integrated Digipack™ Modules


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