dB Technologies VIO S318 – 18in Subwoofer System 2700W

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3×18″2700W RMS Active Bassreflex Semi-Horn-Loaded Subwoofer

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db Technologies VIO S318

A One Of A Kind System

As for lower frequencies, the VIO series is completed by VIO S318 subwoofer, a one of a kind system both for its acoustic configuration and majestic output. Indeed, dBTechnologies succeded in designing an extraordinary powerful triple 18” woofer system while maximizing its frontal emission and extending lower frequencies.

Unique Acoustic Design For Perfect Phase Response

Vio S318 is equipped with 3 18” bassreflex half-horn loaded woofers, configured in order to maximize frontal emission. The 3 voice coils are in facts mechanically aligned in order to achieve a perfect phase response. The 3 DIGIPRO G3 amplifiers deliver a total 2700 W RMS power, allowing the system to reach up to 143dB SPL. The system features an integrated delay module achieving up to 9.9 ms delay with 0,5  ms steps. The crossover module sets the low pass filter alongside with the highpass filter for the integrated crossover output. The system also features an attenuation control, a polarity switch and a RDnet port for remote control. The high quality multiplex housing is reinforced with a robust polyurea finishing and equipped with 5 aluminium handles per side. The dolly transport DT-318 allows to transport up to 3 subs simoultaneously, both on wheels or on lift track. As an alternative to the dolly, wheels can be mounted on the rear side of the cabinet.

db Technologies VIO S318 Features at a Glance:

  • Designed to maximize in-phase frontal emission 
  • On-board delay for perfect time alignement 
  • On board cardioid array configuration preset
  • Frequency range extending down to 35Hz
  • Network ready with an integrated RDNet port
  • Active 3 x 18″ Bassreflex Semi-Horn Loaded Subwoofer


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