Digitech TRIO Band Creator Pedal

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Band Creator Effects Pedal with Automatic Bass and Drum Parts,7 Genres ,12 Styles, Variable Tempo, Individual Volume Controls, and Power Supply

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A fantastic partner for songwriters and practicing musicians

Jam out with bass and drums anytime with the DigiTech TRIO Band Creator effects pedal. TRIO intellegently generates bass and drum backup by listening to and analyzing your chords and rhythm. Determine how your backup will sound by selecting 1 of 7 music genres and 12 song styles per genre. Each genre has built-in guitar effects (defeatable) that help you nail that genre’s sound. Whether you’re practicing, writing new songs, or you just want to rock out, the DigiTech TRIO Band Creator pedal is the Ideal resource to get you that whole band feel.

Gets you that whole band feel.

Throw in an entire rhythm section to your groove in no time with the DigiTech TRIO Band Creator. It’s the great way to learn how to play with a band. The Tempo control lets you determine how fast or slow the rhythm section plays, and each instrument has its own level controls so you can createa great mix. The Control input lets you connect to DigiTech’s optional FS3X footswitch for hands-free switching of song parts. An 1/8″ headphone output lets you practice quietly with the DigiTech TRIO at any time of the day or night

DigiTech Trio Band Creator Features at a Glance

  • Create great-sounding bass and drum backups automatically with this intelligent pedal
  • Just play your chord progression into the pedal and it instantly creates bass and drum parts
  • Find the sound you want choosing from 7 music genres, each with 12 different styles
  • Pedal learns up to 3 song parts that can be recalled on the fly
  • Guitar effects appropriate to each genre are built in making jamming easy
  • Headphone out for silent practice
  • Independent Bass and Drums volume controls let you get the perfect mix
  • DigiTech’s optional FS3X footswitch lets you switch song parts without letting go of your guitar
  • Power supply included


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