Evans 13in UV1 Coated

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13″ Batter Drumhead with UV-cured Coating and Level 360 Collar

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Evans 13in UV1 Coated

Increased Durability

A patented UV-cured coating and breakthrough 10-mil film give the Evans UV1 drumhead the kind of durability that drummers dream of. If you’re tired of your coating wearing thin long before your head wears out. Like other leading coated heads, the UV1 is made from a single ply of 10-mil film for a good balance of sensitivity and tone. But it’s made tough to resist wear from rimshots, buzzes, and swirls. The Evans UV1 also boasts Evans’ Level 360 collar, which seats the head evenly along the bearing edge for better tone and tuning.

Evans UV1 10in Features at a Glance

  • UV-cured coating lasts longer than the leading head
  • Resists dents, splits, scratching, stretching, and wearing
  • For snares and toms
  • Stronger 10-mil film has a familiar sensitivity and tone, but with enhanced durability
  • A solid option for brush swirlers, buzzers, and rimshotters
  • Level 360 collar sits balanced at every point on the drum’s edge for better tone and tuning


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