Evans B14HDD Heavy Duty Dry Coated 14″ Drumhead

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Evans Genera HD Dry 14″ Coated Drumhead

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Evans Genera HD Dry – 14″

The Evans Genera HD Dry snare drumhead offers an aggressive rimshot with a balanced response. A durable 2-ply head – 7.5-mil external, 5-mil internal – the Genera HD Dry features a 2-mil overtone control ring. What’s more, small vents around the perimeter help to eliminate additional overtones, while focusing the sound. The Genera HD Dry is great for both live work and studio work.

Evans Genera HD Dry Snare Drumhead at a Glance:

  • Size: 14″
  • 2-ply head (7.5-mil external, 5-mil internal)
  • 2-mil overtone control ring
  • Small vents around the perimeter, for a more focused sound


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