Evans QPC2 EQ Bass Drum Patches Clear Plastic Double

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Polyester Double Pedal Kick Drum Patch – Clear

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Evans PC2 Double Bass Drum Patch – Clear Plastic

Adds Punch to Kick Drums!

Boost your kick drum’s tone, with an Evans EQPC2 Patch double-beater kick drum patch. The EQPC2 Patch is made from a clear polyester, offering you extreme durability. At the same time, it’s flexible stress-relief design adds thickness to your kick drum’s head, without choking off its sustain or impeding its natural motion. You’ll love the increased attack this patch gives your kick drum. It’s amazing how the ultra-low-tech EQPC2 Patch can take a flabby kick drum sound and give it the punch it needs to carry rock, metal, and other uptempo-style beats.

Evans EQPC2 Patch Double-beater Kick Drum Patch Features at a Glance

  • Enhances beater click, adding impact to your kick drum’s sound
  • Made of a flexible polyester
  • Won’t choke the natural motion of your kick drum head
  • The perfect size for double pedal kick drum setups


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