Marshall JCM800-2203 Amp Head 100w + Marshall 1960-AD Limited Edition Angled Cabinet Combo

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Marshall JCM800-2203 Amp Head 100w + Marshall 1960-AD Limited Edition Angled Cabinet Combo

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Marshall JCM800-2203 Amp Head 100w Single Ch Tube – 3 Band EQ

The Legend

The art of the JCM800TM is its simplicity, Used by artists around the world, this amp continues to be one of the greatest. Oozing rock status, you can effortlessly detect its distinctive 100w roar. The first of Marshall’s amps to feature a master volume for you to control your sound. Now with an added in series FX loop, simple and effective.

Master of your own volume

One of the few vintage reissues that features a master volume for you to power out those solo moments.

Mix in your FX

This reissue introduces a series FX loop so to truly amplify your FX.

Set your EQ

The highly versatile EQ settings mean that this amp can play a range of genres and not just the rock or heavy metal it is synonymous with.

Design your own tone

High and low sensitivity outputs designed to work with a wide range of guitar pickups.

Marshall JCM800-2203 Features at a Glance

  • Possibly the most iconic and most-played guitar amplifiers since the late ’70s
  • Single-channel operation with 3-band EQ – a simple design that’s easy to dial in great tones
  • Incredibly powerful at 100-watts – not an amp that’s made to be played quietly
  • Series FX loop lets you switch effects pedals in and out, with true bypass operation for sonic transparency
  • Birch-ply construction is incredibly strong and ready for life on the road

Marshall 1960-AD Limited Edition Angled Cabinet

A serious Powerhouse

One of the world’s bestselling 4×12” cabinets, famed for their excellent sound. This cabinet is designed to deliver a big sound for live performances. Built with an authentic 60’s design and pack plenty of power with 300w.

Available either angled or straight to create the perfect Marshall stack.

1960-AD Angled Cabinet Features at a Glance

  • 4x 12″ Speaker Configuration
  • 300W Power Output
  • Angled Cabinet Design
  • Limited Edition Snakeskin Edition


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