Pioneer CDJ-900NXS CD Player With Auto Beat Loop

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Digital DJ Deck/CD Player with Wi-Fi Playback, Advanced Playback Options, and Pro DJ Link Interconnectivity

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Pioneer CDJ-900NXS

Nexus Power in an Affordable DJ Deck!

Step up your game with a Pioneer Pro DJ CDJ-900NXS digital DJ deck or two. This amazing digital CD turntable gives you a hit list of features from the CDJ-2000NXS model, providing you with an incredible variety of performance tools and connection options. In addition to the CD slot, the CDJ-900NXS lets you load tracks via USB or wirelessly over Wi-Fi from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. A massive full-color LCD screen offers up all the resolution you need and more, making it easier than ever to beat match or set cues and loops. Add to that killer functions such as Slip Mode and Quantize Mode, and the CDJ-900NXS is easily one of the most value-packed digital DJ deck you’ll ever find.

Top-level features for a killer price

When you get right down to it, the CDJ-900NXS offers about 95% of the same features as the CDJ-2000NXS, but for a price that makes it quite a bit more accessible. In fact, other than the hot cue buttons, tilting screen, and Needle Search functions, it’s pretty much all there. In fact, the large full-color LCD screen offers a higher resolution display than any other CDJ to date. All of the Nexus series interconnectivity options are onboard the CDJ-900NXS too, making it easy to integrate it with the rest of your setup. And with performance options such as Beat Divide on hand, there are tons of tricks you can pull off with the CDJ-900NXS that other digital DJ decks can’t handle.

Cue up tracks via Wi-Fi or USB with rekordbox

In addition to the basic playback flexibility that put Pioneer Pro DJ on the map in the first place, the CDJ-900NXS digital DJ deck offers you a whole new level of convenience. The concept is simple. First, you just install the free rekordbox app on your Mac, PC, Android, or Apple iOS device that’s on your Wi-Fi network. Load in your tunes and then arrange them as you like, tweaking whatever setting you need to along the way. When it’s time to load a track, you can instantly transfer the song, metadata, and settings directly to your CDJ-900NXS with the tap of a screen or the click of a mouse. It’s that easy! And with all of that added functionality, the CDJ-900NXS can still play back USB storage devices such as flash memory and hard disks, SD memory cards, audio CDs, and DVDs, plus audio files in MP3, AAC, WAV, and AIFF formats.

Slip and Quantize modes keep you locked to the music

Fumbling the groove is about the biggest mistake a DJ can make. Spare yourself this potential disaster with the Pioneer Pro DJ CDJ-900NXS digital DJ deck. Thanks to two new and super-useful functions, Slip mode and Quantize mode, staying on top of the groove has never been easier. Slip mode lets you loop, reverse, scratch, or even hot cue and pause the music audibly, all the while keeping the music playing inaudibly in the back ground. When you’re done with your trick, the track just keeps kicks back in where it would be if you’d have simply let it play, ensuring the smoothest dismount possible. Quantize mode, on the other hand, automatically and accurately quantizes when you trigger the Loop, Reverse, or Hot Cue functions, even if the beat itself loses sync. This ensures you’ll create a reliable performance, without breaking the rhythm of music during playback.

Pioneer Pro DJ CDJ-900NXS Digital DJ Deck and Features at a Glance:

  • Top-level features for a killer price
  • Cue up tracks via Wi-Fi or USB with rekordbox
  • Slip and Quantize modes keep you locked to the music
  • A value-packed, high-performance DJ deck and DJ CD player that lets you perform from virtually any storage medium
  • Included rekordbox software and free rekordbox app supports Wi-Fi playback from Mac and PC computers as well as iPhones, iPod touches, iPads, and Android-based mobile devices
  • Also plays back from USB storage devices such as flash memory and hard disks, SD memory cards, audio CDs, and DVDs
  • Supports MP3, AAC, WAV, and AIFF file formats
  • Pro DJ Link function lets you interconnect up to 4 units via LAN cables, allowing you to create advanced DJ setups
  • Full-color LCD display makes song selection, cuing, looping, and beat matching easy


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