Pioneer XDJ-R1 All-In-One COMBO Controller Built In Dual CD Players

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2-channel All-in-one DJ Rig with 2 CD Decks, a USB Memory Input, a Full Set of Controls, and iOS Remote Integration

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Pioneer DJ XDJ-R1 DJ Controller with rekordbox

Everything You Need to DJ!

The powerful Pioneer Pro DJ XDJ-R1 wireless DJ system lets you access, select, and mix the tracks from your iOS device. Just hook it up to a wireless network and you’re ready to go. With your iOS device, you get advanced touch control over your tracks, loops, effects, and more. The XDJ-R1 features both dual CD players and USB playback, which allow you to play AAC, WAV, AIFF, and MP3 files. And with tons of tactile functions, such as hot cues, loopers, and platters, you’ll get all the hands-on control you need with a Pioneer XDJ-R1.

All the onboard controls and functions you could ask for

You’ll never have to scramble for the right control when you’re DJing with a Pioneer Pro DJ XDJ-R1 system. That’s because this system puts all of the essential controls you need right at your fingertips, right where you expect them. Three easy-to-use hot cue buttons and a pair of robust platters let you scratch and juggle to your heart’s content, and a killer 2-deck mixer section includes great-feeling EQ knobs with fast kills. The XDJ-R1 even gives you three different crossfader curves to pick from, so you know you’ll get the feel and response you demand.

Pioneer’s remotebox app provides advanced wireless control

If you’ve got an Apple iOS device, such as an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, then you’ll love the extra layer of control you can unlock over your XDJ-R1 via Pioneer Pro DJ’s remotebox app. This handy app lets you connect to your XDJ-R1 over a Wi-Fi network, providing you with touch-based control over your effects (including a very cool X-Y pad), the Auto Beat Loop function, and fast access to your complete song library. What’s more, there’s a flexible stand built right into the XDJ-R1, making integration with your iOS device a piece of cake.

Analyze and organize your tunes with Pioneer’s rekordbox software

No matter how cool your DJ system may be, without proper organization, it’s hard to nail down your flow. Pioneer Pro DJ makes it easy, by bundling a copy of their rekordbox software with the XDJ-R1. Available for Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, and even Android platforms, rekordbox is a fast and easy way to organize and analyze your music, allowing you to create perfectly beat-synched mixes effortlessly on your XDJ-R1.

Pioneer XDJ-R1 All-in-one Digital DJ System and Features at a Glance:

  • All the onboard controls and functions you could ask for
  • Pioneer’s remotebox app provides advanced wireless control
  • Analyze and organize your tunes with Pioneer’s rekordbox software
  • An all-in-one digital DJ system that puts everything you need right at your fingertips
  • Comprehensive layout includes 3 hot cue buttons, a heavy-duty platter, and advanced effects control per deck
  • Full-fledged 2-channel mixer includes 3-band EQs with kills
  • Add energy to your music with the 4-beat Sampler, and Beat FX, and Sound Color FX
  • Play MP3, AAC, WAV, and AIFF files from CDs or USB memory
  • Complete MIDI integration lets you control DJ software
  • 2-channel 24-bit/44.1kHz audio interface built in
  • Adjustable crossfader curve lets you fine tune your system
  • Take control of your mix and access advanced effects via the remotebox iOS app


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