Promark KROD Bas Drum

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Kick Drum Beater made of dowels

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Promark KROD Bass Drum

Rods For Your Bass Drum

Promark is the originator of today’s rod drumsticks. Drummers flock to these bundled-dowel sticks for their reduced volume and creative textures around the kit. When regular sticks are too loud and brushes are too soft, Rods are just right. Create fresh, new dimensions of sound with Rods, made of select birch dowels. Rods have a lively, natural rebound on drums and cymbals. The Kick Rod produces a softer Rod-Like sound from your bass drum..


The Promark promise

All Promark drumsticks are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA at our Texas facility to the most stringent quality controls in the industry

Promark KROD Bass Drum at a Glance

  • Kick Drum beater made of Select dowels
  • The perfect starting point for unplugged session
  • great for getting that rod sound on your bass drum


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