PRS SE 277 Semi-Hollow Baritone Soapbar Vintage Sunburst

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Semi-hollow Electric Baritone Guitar with Mahogany Body, Maple Top, Maple Neck, Rosewood Fingerboard, 2 x P90 Pickups, and New Headstock – Vintage Sunburst

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PRS SE 277 Semi-Hollow Soapbar Baritone – Vintage Sunburst

New Look for PRS’s Semi-hollow Baritone

The Paul Reed Smith SE 277 Semi-hollow Soapbar is a potent sonic tool for guitarists who need a vast spectrum of new low-end colors for recording and performing. The two soapbar single-coil pickups on the 277 Semi-hollow Soapbar are voiced to offer you both the power of humbuckers and the clarity of single-coils. The headstock has been refashionded to now sport Paul Reed Smith’s signature, adding extra “cool” factor. And the birds in flight inlays, the beveled flame maple top, and the identifiable body shape scream of unmistakable PRS quality. This SE 277 Semi-hollow Soapbar is guaranteed to add new low-strung colors to your playing.

27.7″ scale baritone

Baritone electric guitars have been in use with popular music for decades. Both ’60s surf rock sounds and spaghetti western soundtracks were full of these down-tuned instruments. Not only did they offer their own muscular twang, but baritones were often used underneath the bass part – known as tic tac bass – for more definition. Today the baritone tradition is going strong with the aggressive lows of heavy metal. And extended-scale instruments like the SE 277 Semi-hollow Soapbar offer sonic adventurers a way to find new chord voicings.

Two SE Soapbars provide tonal flexibility

The two PRS SE Soapbar pickups on this instrument are incredibly desired for their ability to offer the bell-like tones of other single-coils and the warm chunk of many humbuckers. And they do it in a way that still retains that classic soapbar midrange growl. These sonic characteristics make soapbars play equally well with shimmering clean tones and raw, loud distorted guitar tones. If you want clarity, but with a lot of low-frequency muscle, the SE 277 Semi-hollow Soapbar’s pickups help make this guitar a great option.

PRS semi-hollow appointments

The SE 277 Semi-hollow Soapbar is packed with features that immediately identify the guitar as a semi-hollow Paul Reed Smith. The beveled flame maple veneer top sports a single F-hole for a distinguished look, and the body contours also give the instrument a comfortable feel. A PRS-designed plate-style hardtail bridge delivers rock solid tuning stability in a low-profile design that feels great to your picking hand. And the birds in flight fretboard inlay speaks volumes about the quality of craftsmanship and tone you can expect from this PRS.

Paul Reed Smith SE 277 Semi-hollow Soapbar Electric Guitar Features at a Glance

  • Semi-hollow baritone electric guitar
  • Updated headstock decor
  • 27.7″ baritone scale length is ideal for B-B tuning
  • 2 PRS SE Soapbar pickups
  • Beveled maple top with single F-hole
  • Classic PRS bird inlays
  • PRS plate-style bridge


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