Tama – HC03BW Cymbal Boom Stand

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Tama HC103BW Star Boom Cymbal Stand

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TAMA’S HC103BW Star Boom Cymbal Stand

STAR series Boom Stand from TAMA

TAMA’s STAR series stands are crafted to answer every concern when it comes to drumming hardware. Designed to put your instruments right where you need them, TAMA’s hybrid joint fittings combine all the advantages of metal fittings with the smooth action of nylon to give you precise placement and stability. But TAMA doesn’t stop there! The STAR series stands are constructed with TAMA’s True-Sound Insulation Mute – so more of your sound makes it into the mix instead of being absorbed by the stand, letting the tone of your drums and cymbals ring true.

The Tama HC103BW Star Boom Cymbal Stand at a Glance:

  • Glide-Tite joints for precise placement and stability
  • True-Sound Insulation Mute minimizes stand absorption
  • Orbital Quick-Tite cymbal and boom tilters for flexible positioning
  • Ring-True cymbal felt doesn’t interfere with your instrument’s voice


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