Yamaha PX10 Power Amplifier

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2-channel Power Amplifier, 1,200W, with EQ, Filter, Crossover, Delay, and Limiter Functions

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Yamaha PX10 Power Amplifier

Versatile Power Amplifier with Built-in PA Processing



Yamaha’s PX10 dual-channel Class D power amplifier gives you more than great-sounding amplification. It packs powerful built-in processing that would normally require an external PA management processing. We’re talking onboard equalization for fine-tuning outputs, crossovers for integrating subs and fills, delays for correcting phase issues in large rigs, and a speaker-saving limiter. Factor in stellar sound quality, easy control via the LCD display, and its ultra-light weight, and it’s clear the Yamaha PX10 stands out among power amps in its class.

Achieve greater live sound with less gear

The Yamaha PX series of power amps offer a ton of powerful processing built right in. Fine-tune output channels with equalization, and add limiting to protect your speakers from dangerous signal spikes. Dial in crossovers to integrate subwoofers and fill speakers. Use the built-in delay network to ensure phase coherency across all speakers in larger rigs. And all of these advanced features are easily accessible from the LCD display.

Yamaha PX10 at a Glance

  • Dual-channel Class D power amplifier with built-in PA management processing
  • Connectivity includes XLR and TRS inputs, and speakON, binding post, and phono outputs
  • Built-in PA management tools like EQ, limiting, delays, crossovers, and filters
  • LCD display for easy navigation of advanced features


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