• Propellorhead Reason 10 Full Version - PR0001
  • Propellorhead Reason 10 Full Version - PR0001
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Propellorhead Reason 10 Full Version - PR0001


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DAW Software with Modular Environment, VST Support, Unlimited Audio Tracks, Soft Synths, Virtual Instruments, Effects, Player Devices, Pitch Editing, MIDI Out, and Rack Extensions - Mac/PC

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Propellerhead Reason 10 DAW Software

Pave The Way For New Music

New sounds and new gear pave the way for new music, and Reason 10 is here with a rackload of new synths, instruments, samples and more. Grain and Europa: two massive, brand new synthesizers. Klang Tuned Percussion, Pangea World Instruments, Humana Vocal Ensemble: three new live-sounding organic instrument devices. Radical Piano: a top-notch acoustic piano. Synchronous: creative modulation device. Loop Supply and Drum Supply: a multi-gigabyte infusion of cutting-edge drum loops and samples. What music will you create?

Europa Shapeshifting Synthesizer

Europa was created for huge, epic sounds and oh boy, does it deliver… From big stacks of buzzing sawtooths to shimmering, glitched-up sonic explorations, Europa has you covered. To call it a wavetable synth wouldn’t be wrong, but it’s so much more than that. Apply a wide range of modulation to the waveform itself, to start with. Add advanced spectral filtering, harmonics processing and even draw your custom waveforms. And the best part: despite it’s deep synthesis powers, it’s still surprisingly easy to use.

Grain Sample Manipulator

Get granular with your samples! The Grain synthesizer opens up the world of granular synthesis for your creative use. Drop any sample into Grain and explore the endless sonic variations you can create with Grain’s selection of playback algorithms, ultra-flexible modulation, routing and effects. With immense sonic power and an inviting interface, Grain is the easy-to-use sonic lab that turns your samples into grains and your grains into music.

New Sampled Instruments

Reason 10 puts three brand new organic instrument collections in your Reason rack. Expertly crafted in cooperation with sampling experts Soundiron, these new devices offer a wealth of inspiring and natural-sounding instruments to your music making. The Klang Tuned Percussion which is a collection of tuned percussion instrumentsGlockenspiel, Music Box, Wineglasses and a whole lot more. Tuned percussion sounds are great for creating melody lines or adding an organic dimension to an electronic production. The Pangea World Instruments are sounds of planet Earth. Add more colors to your sonic palette with this collection of instruments full of character from all corners of the world. Plucked, pumped, blown or strummed, these instruments will add a new dimension to any style of music. Humana Vocal Ensemble is the collection of choir and vocal instruments. Give your music a human touch with the sound of Humana’s selection of choirs and solo voices. Perfect for soundtracks or epic pop ballads, these singers will add depth and harmony to your music.

More Sounds More Inspiration

Loop Supply & Drum Supply: Update your sound with this multi-gigabyte injection of cutting-edge loops and drum samples made to deliver up-to-date pop. electronic and hip hop sounds for Reason. Get creative with a huge selection of patches for Reason’s Kong drum machine and Dr Octo Rex loop player.Radical Piano: The premise is simple. The results are stunning. Three basic pianos paired with the technology to make an infinite number of your own. Based on a custom blend between sampling technology and physical modeling algorithms, Radical Piano affords songwriters, producers, and sound designers an unprecedented level of control to craft a realistic piano that is 100% unique. Synchronous Effects Modulator: Bring your music to life with Synchronous’ modulation effects. Create quick sidechain effects or draw your own LFO curves to control filter, delay, reverb, distortion and level. Make your sound evolve, change and loop over time.

Creative Flow

Find all the sounds, samples, loops and patches you need in your songs with Reason’s always open, always available browser. Drag and drop anything and anywhere. Drag a synth lead to the rack to create a new instrument. Drag a vocal recording to the sequencer to create a new audio track. Drag samples and loops to the pads in the Kong Drum Designer to load them instantly. Twist knobs, push buttons, move faders – Reason's interface looks and feels like an instrument and integrate well with your favorite hardware controller. Launch Reason and everything is ready to go. The sequencer and instruments are designed by the same people, which means everything is totally integrated. No configuration or connections are needed — they are part of the same package and all the parts work seamlessly with each other.

Easy 'n' Deep Racking

Build your rack as you work on your song. Create instruments and effects and route them any way you want to. Add, delete, replace and tweak. Your rack is what you want it to be. Flip the rack over to access the backside with all the cables and connectors. Here you can manually route anything to anything, just like in a real studio. Or simply leave it to Reason to automatically connect all your instruments and effects, unlike a real studio. Easy to get started with and as deep as you want it to be – many devices have macro controls for ease of use. If you want, open them up and explore and tweak all the components within. Dive in the deep end for deep exploration or happy experimentation, if you feel like it. Reason's devices all have Control Voltage connectors so you can connect almost anything to anything!

Live Sampling In Reason

Sample any sound source into any of Reason’s samplers. Just hook up a sound source to the rack's sampling input and you are ready to start sampling. Use a mic, a turntable, an instrument or the entire Reason mix. Sampling in Reason is simple and straightforward – all part of the creative process of making music. Hit the sample button and Reason starts sampling. Reason will detect the sample start automatically. You can sample when Reason is running too if you like – no need to stop the music. If needed, bring up the built-in sample editor to set start and end points, loop points and more. This works for all loaded samples, too – not only the ones you have sampled. Live sampling together with pitch detection of root key and automatic zone mapping makes it dead easy to sample an instrument and map the samples across the keyboard. You'll create your own multi-sampled instruments for NN-XTand NN-19 in an instant.

Massive Mixing Capabilities

With its million-dollar mixing console, Reason comes with all the tools you need to give your tracks that big studio sound right out of your computer. Walk into any recording studio and the large format mixer is the creative centerpiece of the production environment. Reason is no different. A musical tool in itself, the mixer is where you bring all the elements of your production together and shape them for your final release. Faithfully modeled after the famous SSL 9000k analog mixing desk, Reason's mixer comes complete with flexible routing, full dynamics, EQ, advanced effects handling, full automation, groups and parallel channels, and the famous master-bus compression. The spectrum analyzer window with visual EQ control makes it easy to fine-tune the sound of your tracks from anywhere in the program.

EQ, Dynamics, Send, Insert Effects, Parallel Channels And Groups

The mixing console features a warm sounding EQ section with high and low pass filters, high and low shelving filters as well as parametric midrange filters. This is where you can take out the rumble in the guitars, give your vocals more air or just add some extra polish to your recordings. How does it sound? Fabulous. Every channel has its own fully featured dynamics section with compressor, gate and expander. Use it to tame wild sounds, liven up lifeless recordings, or sidechain it to get that pumping sound. The console has eight dedicated effect sends. Each send can be set to work pre or post fader. Adding a send effect to the mixer is a two mouseclick affair. Simply right-click in the mixer's master section and select what effect you want to use. Reverb? Delay? A Combinator effect patch? All of the above? Simple! When you have several tracks that you want to process together, like a multitrack drum recording, or a big layered synth lead, Reason's mixer bus channels come to the rescue. Group channels give you access to the same processing tools as on individual channels, including sends and inserts, and make it easy to balance the levels of all your instruments. Create parallel channels with a single click for separate processing—for quick New York-style parallel compression and other tricks used by leading mix engineers today.

Radio Ready Spectrum Analyzer

For increased control of your mixes Reason has a built‑in spectrum analyzer window, giving you instant visual feedback on the selected channel or group—or your final mix. The Spectrum EQ window combines a powerful spectrum analyzer with a graphic EQ overlay controlling the mixer’s renowned EQ. Easily adjust the EQ on your tracks from anywhere in the program. Known for its radio-ready sound, the SSL* master bus compressor has long been famous for its ability to glue mixes together and give all tracks a sense of cohesion. It's not about brick wall limiting. It's about warm compression that you've been hearing on mixes for the past 30 years. By applying this analog magic to your master mix bus, your drums will gain punch, your bass more warmth, and your sound more intangible sparkle. Sounds too good to be true? Hearing is believing. We've recreated the sound of this bus compressor to exacting standards, so all you need to do is turn it on.

Recording & Sequencing

Record, edit, arrange. Capture MIDI performances and automation, record and overdub audio, or draw in notes with the mouse. Whatever suits your workflow, Reason's sequencer is fast, flexible and fun. Any mistakes can easily be corrected, adjusted or quickly spliced together from multiple takes. Keeping with Reason’s famous ease of use, Reason's sequencer still comes with all the editing features you need. If your playing is too tight—use the ReGroove Groove Mixer to add more human feel. All sequencer data — notes, automation, the works — are housed in clips; musical building blocks that can be opened, sliced or moved. When a clip is moved to a new location, all its internal data follows right along with it, always ending up exactly where you intended it to. Safe, speedy sequencing. In sync with your flow. Forever adapting to you and your working methods. Reason's sequencer simply gets you there faster.

Pitch Edit And Automation

Sometimes a singer will completely nail the emotion and energy in a performance, but slip on a few notes. And other times singers will need more general help with staying in key. Reason’s Pitch Edit can quickly correct the pitch in a vocal recording and gives you detailed control over pitch, time and articulations in the performance. Pitch Edit is of course also a creative tool. Beyond just using it for correcting pitch, you can also use it to build harmonies, doubling up the vocals or create completely new performances. And the best of all: It sounds good. Really really good! Every thinkable knob, button or fader can be automated with ease, and then edited and fine tuned in the sequencer. Simply draw in your automation–volume curves, filter sweeps, whatever you want–or press record and every button click, fader move and knob tweak in the rack will be recorded in the sequencer in separate clips.

Blocks And Comp Editor

Sequence your songs using a pattern-based approach. With Blocks, the segments of your song become puzzle pieces, ready to be laid out in your arrangement, looped and rearranged. Start by creating the discrete parts of your song in blocks mode. When you start building your song, switch to song mode and draw in what blocks should play when in the dedicated pattern lane. Use one block for the verse and one for the chorus — or build your song around a single 8-bar loop. Blocks provide a very fast way of creating a musical structure for your song. But the options don't end there. With the basic arrangement laid out, you can see the contents of the blocks and create variations and mute individual parts, or add further musical elements on top. As a perfect performance may be less than perfect from scratch, Reason features a swift and easy to use comp editor. Record multiple takes in loop mode then build the perfect track from the best parts. It's as simple as selecting the parts that work and muting the ones that don't. Exit the comp editor and listen to the results; a perfect take containing only the good parts.

Time Stretch And Sequence In The Rack

With our now legendary non-destructive time stretch, you can actually record first and pick your tempo later. Reason has a unique twist on the concept of time and tempo. Change the song tempo on the fly and all your audio tracks will follow right along without any need for pre-processing of any kind. Need to slow your song down to nail a tricky passage? No problem. Just reduce the tempo, record your performance and bring the tempo back up. The audio quality? Amazing. Reason automatically slices recordings and imported audio into single notes or hits. Quantize an audio take. Tweak your timing to perfection, or to drastically change the recording. The sliced up audio can also be converted to REX files for playback and further sound designing treatment in Reason’s Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player, Reason's samplers, or the Kong Drum Designer. If you are into 70's style modular synths, or if you simply like to play around with a analog style sequencer that can control virtually anything in the rack, take a close look at the Matrix Pattern Sequencer. Matrix is an analog style sequencer useful for anything from monophonic melodies and arpeggios to modulation of your instruments and effects and advanced rhythmical gating. Hook up the Matrix to a Subtractor and draw some notes for quick, acid-style synth basslines. Connect the Matrix's Curve output to the Subtractor filter and you've got predictable, looped automation synced with the tempo of your song. Easy, fast and lots of fun.

Reason, The Team Player

Reason is no island for music making. Use Reason together with the music gear you already own, or use Reason as your hub and expand your studio when you feel the need. Reason will easily integrate with the rest of your music gear. Reason is the first third party DAW to add support for Ableton’s Link technology. Reason users can effortlessly sync their music making apps across WiFi, and Link will keep all apps in tempo and time. Drop in or out of the Link at any time. Change tempo on one device and all the Linked apps follow suit. Use the Link enabled Reason for Jam sessions with friends using Ableton Live or other Link enabled apps on desktop or mobile. Or use Link to record the sound of your favorite iOS apps to your Reason tracks in perfect sync. If you want to use Reason alongside other music software, use ReWire. Supported by all major music production software proudcts, ReWire takes care of synchronization and audio streaming, letting all ReWired software play together as one. With ReWire, you can use Reason as a virtual instrument rack with ProTools, Cubase, Logic or whatever application you use.

REX - The Industry Standard For Audio Loops And Reason Remote

With REX loops you turn concrete-rigid loops into musical modeling clay, letting you change tempo, pitch and timing independently, and remodel the groove to suit all your musical purposes. Reason ships with more than 900 REX loops in its huge sound bank, but if you want more, there are plenty of companies offering ReFills with the style-specific REX loops you might be looking for. Reason does a good job at slicing up loops on its own, but if you want to take it one step further: create your own REX loops with ReCycle - the perfect tool for sampled grooves. The REX format is supported in all major music production applications. The Remote technology in Reason takes the pain out of setting up hardware controllers with your music software. There are many advanced control surfaces available on the market, and Reason features support for most of them. With Remote, Reason can auto detect what control surface is connected up and assign it as the master keyboard. Reason comes with a control mapping for every supported controller that makes tweaking sounds in Reason a very pleasant hands-on experience with full support for motorized faders and parameter displays.

Propellerhead Reason 10 DAW Software at a Glance:

  • Grain & Europa Synthesizers
  • Klang Percussion, Pangea Instruments
  • Humana Vocal Ensemble, Radical Piano
  • Synchronous Modulation Device
  • Loop Supply & Drum Supply Loops/Samples
  • Mixer Based on the SSL 9000K Console
  • Bounce In Place and Audio-to-MIDI
  • Record Unlimited Audio Tracks
  • Rack Extensions
  • Mac OS X, Windows
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