Mitech Direct, trading since March 2017, is one of the largest musical instrument and technology retailers on the African continent. We are a team of passionate and forward-thinking music and technology specialists; whose desire is to see you reach the pinnacle of your musical ambitions. Be it a set of guitar strings or a concert PA system, we strive to offer the world’s best equipment at affordable prices and offer you the best service and after-sales support possible.


Part of the Stage Audio Works group, we can offer much more. The expertise and knowledge across our sister companies is unmatched. Apart from retail box sales, we can provide turnkey technology solutions for churches, performing arts and sports facilities and corporate meeting spaces. We are also to provide custom flight cases and aluminium goods for entertainment and other purposes.


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Mitech Direct Experience

22 Kyalami Boulevard
Kyalami Park
Tel: (087) 55 10 111

Mitech Direct Namibia

Unit 3 RDW Industrial Park,
14 Diesel Street, Southern Industrial
Windhoek, Namibia
Tel: +26 4 83 331 0100




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